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Low Cost Hobby Servo XY Table

Hobby Tables Xy

Posted by Brussel Andre on Sunday, 24 May, 2020 21:59:09

If your just looking at a X/Y table, I bought a 8X12 from the local Busy-Bee outlet. I think Grizzly and simular have it in the states.Bills X/Y rotary table sure is nice. Im not sure what that would weigh in at though.I would imagine , the size of a X/Y table, or X/Y rotary table would really depend on the size and weight of your drill press.

I have an X-Y table for my drill press - one of the best investments ever. I just centered the table on the drill press table and bolted it down. When I raise or lower the table it's free to swing left to right, so by my thinking, there's really no fixed relationship between the spindle and the table.

The goal is to allow web users to draw shapes in a sand box, so we wanted a simple XY table that is easy to control from a web application. Since we already have the Web to Hobby Servo connection working well for other installations, using a hobby servo was the desired approach.

Most homebrew CNC XY tables use motors like steppers and acme screw drives, but we don't need that much precision, and they are a bit slower than we'd like. The Hobby Servo approach also gives us absolute position control, and helps keep the cost down too - using industrial servos would be great, but a lot more expensive.

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XY tables XY Tables with stacked linear actuators that utilize brushless linear direct-drive servomotors or precison ball screws Motorized Belt XY-XYZ systems Automation Series XYZ robotic arm, XYZ gantry and XYZ desktop robot with Motorized Belt actuators.